One of Guy Martin’s most recent record-breaking attempts featured on Channel 4, brings you the…

120 feet across, 116.7 meters in circumference, 6 meters in height


Built by:

The aim of Breaking the Fastest Speed Ever Recorded on a Wall of Death

Guy Martin attempted to shatter the previous Wall of Death record of 50mph and learns about the history of the Wall. 

Assisted by Wall of Death-veteran rider Ken Fox, Guy Martin assembles his very own motorbike specifically for this event and tries to adapt to the intense G-forces’ that put a huge strain on the human body when riding the wall.

Guy Martin smashed the world record, and set a new one of over 78mph.

Guy Martin’s people sold sections of the huge Wall of Death made for the Channel 4 Easter special, and cut up the famous Wall-ramp into sections and branded them with Guy’s logo.

Money from each sale went to Spinal Research.

Wall of Death Gallery

Timelapse Video of the Channel 4 Wall of Death

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